Victor Valley College Tropical Research Initiative
Herpetofauna of Timor-Leste
Phase VII

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June 19th to July 10th 2012

Map of Timor-Leste
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The Victor Valley College Tropical Research Initiative comprises the first ever intensive herpetofauna survey of Timor-Leste, the fifth youngest country in the world and Asia's newest country (at the the time of writing). For more information on the background to this project visit the Phase I home page.

Phase VII took place during late June and early July 2012 and was the first phase not to include new students, as it was envisaged as a non-teaching experts expedition. The group comprised five of the members from earlier phases of the survey, plus one Timorese recruit as all "The Jets" were either aay studying or working on other projects. A list of participants for Phase VII follows:

Hinrich Kaiser (Expedition Leader - Victor Valley College, Victorville, USA)
Mark O'Shea (Deputy Leader)
Sven Mecke (Skink Specialist - Marburg University, Germany)
Caitlin Sanchez (Research Assistant - University of California, Riverside, USA)
Andrew Kathriner (Gecko Specialist - University of Villanova, Pennsylvania, USA)

Paulo Pinto


The VVC Phase VII team:
On their Troopies (l-r): Mark O'Shea & Hinrich Kaiser
Standing (l-r): Andrew Kathriner, Sven Mecke, Caitlin Sanchez & PauloPinto.

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The locations in Timor-Leste visited during Phase VII in 2012 are listed below.

During the project we also maintained a blog in the Expedition Field Notes section of this website.

1. Dili District:
a) TLH, Dili District
b) Dili, Dili District

2. Ermera District:
a) Dili to Bakhita, Ermera District
b) Meleotegi River, Ermera District

3. Baucau District:
a) Dili to Baucau, Baucau District
b) Baucau, Baucau District
c) Venilale, Baucau District
d) Afracaimau, Baucau District
e) Baucau to Baguia, Baucau District
f) Baguia, Baucau District
g) Ossohuna, Baucau District
h) Afaloicoi, Baucau District

4. Viqueuque District:
a) Mt Mundo Perdido, Viqueque District

5. Manufahi District:
a) Baguia to Fatucahi, Manufahi District
b) Fatucahi, Manufahi District

6. Manatuto District:
a) Nancuro, Manatuto District

7. Bobonaro District:
a) Fatucahi to Maliana, Bobonaro District
b) Maliana, Bobonaro District
c) Maganuto, Bobonaro District
d) Balibo, Bobonaro District
e) Fiuren, Bobonaro District

1. Dili District:
c) Mailiana to Dili, Dili District
d) Tasi Talu, Dili District
e) TLH, Dili District

Expedition Results - a full life-list for the 2012/2 expedition to Timor-Leste.