Victor Valley College Tropical Research Initiative
Herpetofauna of Timor-Leste
Phase II

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Crest of República Democrática de Timor-Leste.

January 27th to February 9th 2010

Map of Timor-Leste
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The Victor Valley College Tropical Research Initiative comprises the first ever intensive herpetofauna survey of Timor-Leste, the second youngest country in the world. For more information on the background to this project visit the Phase I home page.

Phase II took place during late January and early February 2010 and included nine of the members of the original Phase I survey. A list of participants for Phase II follows:

Hinrich Kaiser (Instructor and Expedition Leader, Victor Valley College)
Mark O'Shea (Guest Researcher)

Victor Valley College and other Californian students:
Jester Caballos
Scott Heacox
Caitlin Sanchez
Dan Suzio (wildlife photographer)
Marianna Tucci
Mary Jane Weil
Eric Leatham

Timorese students (Benny and the Jets):
Venancio Lopez Carvalho (Benny)
Luis Lemos
Agivedo Ribeiro (Laca)
Zito Afranio Soares

VVC Expedition 2010 at Dili Airport, Timor-Leste
Back: Venancio Lopez Carvalho (Benny), Dan Suzio, Luis Lemos, Claudio Abate (Special Advisor to the
Prime Minister of Timor-Leste), Hinrich Kaiser, Eric Latham, Mark O'Shea, Scott Heacox, MJ Weil;
Front: Agivedo (Laca) Riberio, Zito Afranio, Jester Caballos, Caitlin Sanchez, Marianna Tucci.
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The locations in Timor-Leste visited during Phase II in 2010 were:

1. Baucau District:
a) Baucau, Baucau District

2. Dili District:
a) Atauro Island, Dili District

3. Ermera District:
a) Sta.Bakhita, Eraulo, Ermera District

4. Liquiça District:
a) Maubara, Liquiça District

5. Dili District:
a) Dili, Dili District
(includes photographs from our dinner meeting with President José Ramos-Horta)

Expedition Results - a full life-list for the 2010/1 expedition to Timor-Leste.