July 21st to August 6th 2011

I had been invited to present the Banquet lecture at the 34th International Herpetological Symposium at Fort Worth, Texas so decided to attend the Biology of the Rattlesnakes symposium at Tucson, Arizona, a week or so beforehand, and spend some time with friends Bob Ashley and Tell Hicks, looking for and photographing herps in and around the Chiricahua Desert Museum, Rodeo, New Mexico.

Google map of the American Southwest showing US and Mexican border states and
main towns featured in the herp trip
click to enlarge map


1. Tucson, Arizona
a) Biology of the Rattlesnakes Symposium (BOR)

2. Rodeo, New Mexico
a) Chiricahua Desert Museum, Rodeo, New Mexico
b) BOR Barbecue
c) Chiricahua Mountain Event Center & Lodge
d) Rattlesnake Collection
e) Herpetological Museum, Art Gallery & Shop
f) Desert Wildlife Garden
g) Chiricahua Mountains, Arizona

3. Fort Worth, Texas
a) Rodeo to Fort Worth (and back again)
b) 34th International Herpetological Symposium (IHS)
c) IHS Conference Excusions

4. Madrean Sky Islands, Arizona
a) Santa Rita Mountains, Arizona
b) Huachuca Mountains, Arizona
c) Nogales, Sonora, Mexico
d) Ruby Road, Arizona

Expedition Results - a full herp life-list of the herpetofauna recorded during the field trip