Hegigio, Agogo & Iagifu
Southern Highlands Province
14-22 May 2008

Map showing Iagifu, Agogo Ridge & Hegigio, Southern Highlands Prov., PNG.
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From Moro we also drove up to the OSL base on Iagifu Ridge, where we were equiped with safety equipment and clothing and inducted into health and safety procedures. Dave and I were also asked to prepare snake awareness presentations for later in our visit.

Natural gas burns off at Agogo, Southern Highlands Province,
the flare is visible for a vast distance at night.

From Iagifu we drove along the ridge to Agogo for another induction, and from there down to the Hegigio camp which was to be our base for the duration of our stay. The camp is located on a promontory, jutting out into the steep Hegigio River gorge.

Hegigio camp from Agogo Ridge.
The aerial pipeway across the Hegigio River gorge.
Living accomodation at Hegigio camp..
Seismic workshops & offices at Hegigio camp. The Hegigio River gorge drops away sharply on all sides.

We did manage to make a few helicopter flights but cross-winds or dense vegetation prevented us landing at the planned locations northwest of the Hegigio River.

Helicopter take-off from Hegigio camp.
Views if the precipitous Hegigio River gorge form the helicopter.
R = upstream; L =downstream

We found some reptiles actually in the Hegigio camp enclosure. A Brown sheen skink (Eugongylus rufescens) was found under a rock-pile outside the seismic and general offices while the elusive elapid, Müller's crowned snake (Aspidomorphus muelleri) was captured under a small rock on the edge of the helicopter pad, and a Slatey-grey snake (Stegonotus cf. cucullatus) in the scrap metal dump opposite the gas-flare at Agogo.

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Brown sheen skink, Eugongylus rufescens
Müller's crowned snake, Aspidomorphus muelleri

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Agogo scrap metal dump.
Slatey-grey snake, Stegonotus cf. cucullatus

Dave and I prepared a Powerpoint presentation and live exhibit lecture on snake awareness and identification for the OSL employees at Iagifu. It was very well received.

The snake awareness and identification lecture at OSL Iagifu.
Demonstrating a Brown treesnake,
Boiga irregularis
Demonstrating a Slatey-grey snake,
Stegonotus cf. cucullatus