Madang Mainland
Madang Province
5-12 May 2008

Map showing the collection localities in Madang Province, PNG.
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Our flight to Karkar Island in 2008 was delayed for a day because Air Nuigini left all the luggage behind in Port Moresby so we had to postpone our charter flight with MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) for 24hours.

We overnighted at the Madang Resort Hotel, at that time owned by the late Sir Peter Barter, MP for Madang and Health Minister, a supporter of the project. We did not conduct any fieldwork or collecting on the Madang mainland during our 2008 visit.

On 6th May David, Jasper and I boarded the MAF Cessna 206 for the short flight to the island. On the way out we flew over Greenpeace's Rainbow Warrior II, which had docked at Madang to have a sick crewman taken ashore for treatement.

The MAF Cessna 206 at Madang airport.
Rainbow Warrior II in Madang harbour.