Habarana, North-Central Province

Habarana is located just off the Anuradhapura to Polonnaruwa road, about 2/3 of the way to Polonnaruwa. To add some visuals for the film director Mark had suggested we have the radio interview, recorded by Anslem and myself, playing loudly on a roadside transitter radio while an elephant and his mahout walked past, creating the impression of rural Sri Lanka.

Elephants at Habarana


Sri Lanka can be amazing for snakes, they simply turn up, and our short visit to Habarana to film elephants was not devoid of snakes either. At the creek where the elephant was bathing we found two Buff-striped keelbacks (Amphiesma stolata) and in the roadside hedge we found two large Long-nosed vinesnakes (Ahaetulla nasuta).

Snakes from Habarana
Buff-striped keelback, Amphiesma stolata
Long-nosed vinesnake, Ahaetulla nasuta


One of my aims in life is to introduce attractive ladies to snakes. Here Aroona gets her first lesson in snake handling, with the just-caught Long-nosed vinesnake. Meanwhile a roadside sign set the warped mind of sound-recordist Terry Meadowcroft off at a tangent!

Aroona Abdulla meets a
Long-nosed vinesnake,
Ahaetulla nasuta
Terry 'shaving' much to the amusement of the Sri Lankan crew