Colombo, Western Province

Colombo, capital of Sri Lanka

Back in Colombo Prof. David Warrell and I attended the official opening of the new Herpetarium (snake room) in the Department of Medicine at the University of Colombo and I donated the first three Russell's vipers to the antivenom program.

Opening the Herpetarium at the University of Colombo

Making speeches:
(l-r) Dr Arirarnee Ariaratnam, Prof David Warrell, Mark O'Shea, unknown dignitary, Prof Ravi Shariff, unknown, (camera) Mark Stokes

...then we cut the ribbons to officially open the new Herpetarium


Delivering the Russell's vipers to the Herpetarium


I also took the opportunity to photograph a few of snakes in the collection - mostly oddly nonvenomous species in a venom research unit, but I did get the photograph the venomous species that had eluded me in the tea plantations, the Sri Lankan pitviper (Trimeresurus trigonocephalus).

Snakes in Colombo
Banded kukri snake, Oligodon arnensis
Trinket snake, Coelognathus helena
Sri Lankan pitviper, Trimeresurus trigonocephalus


It wasn't my birthday so was the Russell's viper cake for a job well done ?


And then we had some cake !

Its a wrap !