"Amazon Snake Mystery"

Union Antonieta, Loreto

Map of the expedition area around Laguna Anatico and Rio Huasaga.
click on map to enlarge and also see true extent of wetlands.

We filmed in the village of Union Antonieta but the item was really about head-hunters and shaman and this was where we introduced Don Lorenzo, the Achuar shaman from Alianza Topal.

I recorded a piece to camera about how head-hunters had prepared skrunken heads and we brought out the two heads prepared by a movie prosthetic company to illustrate the process. I found the two heads, the full size trophy head and the surprised skrunken head, a little too life-like for comfort and was glad I had refused to donate any hair to them.


Shaman Don Lorenzo with my 'head'.
An unnerving likeness. The normal sized head. The shrunken head.