O'Shea's Big Adventure* covers the five year period, from 1999 to 2003, during which Mark and YAP film crews made 34 OBA films in four series, in 24 countries on five continents. The link below goes to the original O'Shea website although there are plans to update and improve the information about these films and include them on this new website.

* O'Shea's Big Adventure was the title on Animal Planet and Discovery Channel, the series was called O'Shea's Dangerous Reptiles on the UK's Channel 4.

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note: Season 1 has not been expanded
These pages do not include video footage from OBA due to copyright issues

Series/Season 1: The Americas

Series/Season 2: Australasia & the Pacific

Series/Season 3: South & Southeast Asia

Series/Season 4: Africa & S.America