Victor Valley College Tropical Acclimatization



Bufonidae Toads  
Ansonia sp. Slender toad BR
Ranidae True frogs  
Staurois guttatus Black-spotted rock frog BR
Dicroglossidae Modern true frogs  
Fejervaya limnocharis Indian rice paddy frog ES
Limnonectes ingeri Greater swamp frog ES
Limnonectes kuhlii Kuhl's creek frog BR
Occidozyga laevis Yellow-bellied puddle frog BR
Megophryidae Foam-nesting treefrogs  
Leptobrachium cf. mjobergi Mjoberg's dwarf litter frog BR
Gekkonidae Geckos  
Hemidactylus frenatus Common house gecko WS
Gekko monarchus Monarch gecko WS
Gekko smithi Smith's giant gecko WS
Cyrtodactylus cf. pubisculus Grooved bent-toed gecko BR
Scincidae Skinks  
Apterygodon vittatum Borneo striped tree skink WS
Emoia atrocostata Mangrove skink WS
Eutropis cf. multifasciatus Many-banded skink WS
Eutropis rudis Black-banded skink ES
Tropidophorus beccari Beccari's water skink BR
Tropidophorus brookei Brookes' water skink BR
Agamidae Dragons  
Gonocephalus bornensis Borneo anglehead ES
Varanidae Monitor lizards  
Varanus salvator macromaculatus Water monitor lizard WS
Pythonidae Pythons  
Python brietensteini Borneo blood python ES
Natricidae Watersnakes  
Hydrablabes periops Yellow-spotted watersnake BR
Colubridae Typical snakes  
Calamaria lumbricoidea Variable reed snake BR
Elapidae Venomous snakes  
Laticauda colubrina Yellow-lipped sea krait WS
Viperidae Vipers  
Tropidolaemus subannulatus Borneo temple viper ES
Frogs = 7 spp.; Lizards = 12 spp.; Snakes = 5 spp; Total = 24 species

"BR" = Brunei;
"ES" = East Sabah;
"WS" = West Sabah;

In additional two specimens of different ranid species escaped before they could be either photographed or identified at Ulu Ulu.