Magi Highway: Kwikila and beyond

Map showing the Magi Highway (Rigo Road) from Port Moresby to Kupiano.
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The Magi Highway runs southeast to Rigo through coastal lowlands, before turning abruptly northeast through several bends to reach Kwikila, before dropping again to cross the Kemp Welch River at Bannon Bridge. A little further on the black-top road turns to graded gravel. On the 2010 trip we halted at the change in road surface but on previous trips have continued to Kupiano on Marshall Lagoon. This is all taipan bite country.

The Magi Highway winds its way southeast through various habitats,
the black-top giving way to graded gravel before Kupiano.

Driving beyond Kwikila in 2010 we encountered only road kill (DOR) snakes including a Black whipsnake (Demansia vestigiata). No specimens were collected.

Black whipsnake
, Demansia vestigiata


View of Owen Stanley Range from Magi Highway between Rigo and Kwikila.