Central Province
Vaihua River
(aka Frog Pond)

The sun was directly overhead so we went to recce some of the habitats beyond Frog Pond on the Vaihua River, outside the perimeter fence of the Exxon-Mobil site. As we drove arounf the perimeter fence all we saw were a couple of Two-striped dragons (Lophognathus temporalis) but we found several expanses of good blacksnake country that included billabongs, and then further on we came to mangrove swamp where I would like to search for some of the rear-fanged mangrove and mud snakes (Fordonia, Myron, maybe even Cerberus) in an evening.

The billabongs beyond the perimeter fence
and the mangrove swamps
only a stones throw from the ExxonMobil instalation

Then it was back to Port Moresby.