Oro Province

We drove back from Mamba Estates early one morning so that I could visit a visiting ophthalmologist who had a clinic at Popondetta Hospital. It was urgent that someone should take a look at my vitreous haemorrhage and when I heard there was a specialist in town I asked Elizabeth at Higatura to make an appointment for me. The message back was that I needed to arrive before the clinic ended if I wanted to be seen, hence the early start.

I was the last patient seen before Dr Garap and her team returned to Port Moresby. She dilated my right eye and confirmed the diagnosis of vitreous haemorrhage but because of the blood she could not tell me anything about the state of my retina. She advised that I visit her at Port Moresby General Hospital when I returned to the capital in a week's time.

When Ben Bande arrived to replace Owen we spent a couple of days working around the Higatura estates, primarily at a new location called Sangara, successfully as it turned out. I was hoping my eyesight would recover a little before we returned to Mamba Estates.

Popondetta Hospital