Cape Reptile Institute


Cape Peninsula National Park
Western Cape Province

Map of Cape Peninsula National Park, Western Cape Province.
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When Bina and I returned to Cape Town from Hoedspruit we had a couple of days before our flight home so we met up with Tony Phelps and his friends, Johannes, Ryno and Ryno's wife, for a trip to the Cape Peninsula National Park, partly for the views and partly in the hopes of a few herps to photograph.

Cape Point in Cape Peninsula Nature Reserve. Cape of Good Hope.

It is a fair drive to Simon's Town and on down the Peninsula to the tourist's carpark within the National Park on the Cape of Good Hope.


We did the tourist thing, walk to the lighthouse, posing for photos at the signpost, but we also looked out for reptiles, and lizards were occasionally seen skittering into the vegetation.

Cape Point lighthouse. Mark and Bina at Cape Point. Rocky habitat for rugged reptiles.

Despite our best efforts, and a little herping on the less used road on the western side of the Peninsula, we only found and photographed one species, the Black girdled lizard (Cordylus niger), an appropriately dark species for a fairly cold environment. We were also fortunate to see several whales in the Atlantic off the western shores of the Peninsula, another reason this is a popular tourist haunt.

Black girdled lizard, Cordylus niger