SPAIN 2011


Planning a similar trip to Greece

Useful Field Guides

There is a phase "Fore-warned if fore-armed".
It means preparation before hand is very important
and this philosophy certainly applies to fieldwork.
Many reptiles and amphibians are secretive and difficult
to find, so simply pitching up in a foreign country and
expecting to find them is to be disappointed.
To this end, pre-trip research, contact with local experts or people
who have been there before, and an up-to-date field guide,
will massively increase your chances of success.

This page is intended as a source for field guides
and other useful books for someone planning a trip to Spain.
There is an emphasis on snakes and particularily vipers,
because that is what most field herpers make their priorities,
certainly we do, but the general field guides also cover the other
reptiles and amphibians.

Another aspects of pre-trip preparation I would emphasise
is take a good quality camera and know how to use it.
Since you should only be going to take photographs, no specimens,
and your photographic images should be all you taking home with you,
you owe it to yourself to learn how to take good photographs.

I do not condone, in fact I condemn, supposed "reptile lovers" who
travel to another country to steal its wildlife, for personal ownership
or commercial reasons.

Don't do it!


The best field guide
to all the Reptiles and Amphibians of Europe

Arnold & Ovenden 2002
Collins Field Guide to the
Reptiles & Amphibians
of Britain & Europe

2nd edition
Previous or co-published editions


An alternative field guide
(smaller, lighter, cheaper)

Kwet 2009
New Holland European
Reptile and Amphibian Guide

English language edition


Specific field guides to the
Reptiles & Amphibians of Spain

Maso & Pijoan 2011
Anfibios y Reptiles de la Peninsula Iberica, Islas Baleares y Canarias
(Reptiles & Amphibians
of the Iberian Peninsula, Balearic and Canary Islands)
Nuevas Guías de Campo

Andrada 1985
Guía de campo de los Anfibios y Reptiles de la Península Ibérica
(Reptiles & Amphibians
of the Iberian Peninsula)
Ediciones Omega

Barbadillo Escriva 1987
La Guia de Incafo de los Anfibios y Reptiles de la Peninsula Iberica, Islas Baleares y Canarias
(Reptiles & Amphibians
of the Iberian Peninsula, Balearic and Canary Islands)

Rebollo 2006
Anfibios y Reptiles de la Peninsula Ibérica
e Islas Baleares

(Reptiles & Amphibians
of the Iberian Peninsula & Balearic Islands)


Guides to the Snakes of Europe

Kreiner 2007
The Snakes of Europe
Edition Chimaira
Steward 1971
The Snakes of Europe
David & Charles


Guides to the Vipers of Europe

De Smedt 2001
Die europäischen Vipern
German language edition
De Smedt 2006
The Vipers of Europe
English language edition


More general guides to Old World Vipers
(more suitable for background reading than as field guides)

Phelps 2010
Old World Vipers
Edition Chimaira
Mallow, Ludwig & Nilson 2003
True Vipers