UAE & OMAN 2011

Amphibia: ANURA (Frogs & Toads)

As would be expected in such an arid environment, amphibians are not much in evidence. Those that are present in the northeastern Arabian Peninsula are toads which are more arid-resistant than more semi-permiable skinned frogs.


Duttaphrynus dhufarensis - Dhufar toad
One of two toads occurring in the UAE-northern Oman region, the other being the Arabian toad (D.arabicus). Three small specimens were found in drinking pools established for the goats in the Wadi Al Bih, Musandam, Oman. No adults were in evidence.


Dhufar toad
Duttaphrynus dhufarensis

from Wadi Al Bih, Musandam, Oman
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