Croatian Photo-Herp Trip
Zagreb & Istria


April 29th to May 3rd 2013

Herp Life List


Bufonidae Toads  
Bufo bufo spinosus Mediterranean toad  
Bombinatoridae Fire-bellied toads  
Bombina variegata scabra Balkan yellow-bellied toad  
Ranidae True frogs  
Rana dalmatina Agile frog  
Proteidae Olm & Mudpuppies  
Proteus anguinus Olm  
Anguidae Legless lizards  
Anguis gracea Balkan slow worm  
Lacertidae Old World lizards  
Lacerta viridis viridis Eastern green lizard  
Colubridae Typical snakes  
Coronella austriaca austriaca Smooth snake 1/1
Hierophis viridiflavus Western whipsnake 1/1
Zamensis longissimus longissimus Aesculapian snake 2/1
Viperidae Vipers  
Vipera ammodytes Nose-horn viper 4/3
Vipera berus bosniensis Balkan adder 3/2
Total = Frogs = 3 spp.; Newts & salamanders = 1 sp.; Turtles & tortoises = 0 spp.;
Lizards = 2 spp.; Snakes = 5 spp.; Total = 11 species

Third column for snakes: 1/2 = two specimens seen but only one captured; figure in brackets indicates number of road-killed (dead on road) specimens recorded.

First records:
30 April - Bufo bufo spinosus; Bombina variegata scabra; Lacerta viridis viridis; Zamensis longissimus longissimus; Vipera ammodytes
01 May - Rana dalmatina; Anguis gracea; Coronella austriaca austrica; Vipera berus bosniensis
02 May - Proteus anguinus, Hierophis viridiflavus