Greek Photo-Herp Trip


A Photomontage
Herp Photographers
Axel Barlow, Øyvind Syrrist,
Dave Nixon & Dave Richards

Wolfgang Wüster, Dave Nixon and Mark O'Shea take their herp-photography very seriously and go to considerable extremes, discomforts, and risks, to "get the shot!"

Øyvind Syrrist, Axel Barlow and Dave Richards, whilst keen photographers, seemed more interested at times in photographing the photographers!

Here are some of the results of the candid photographs resulting from their studies of herp photographers at large.

These images are in no particular order and no captions are necessary.
All images copyright Axel Barlow, Øyvind Syrrist, Dave Nixon & Dave Richards
(click here for precise image ownership).

Some of the fruits of these exertions can be seen at the bottom of the page.



And finally - here is a classic which does need a little explanation.

Wolfgang and Dave has spent all afternoon lying in the blazing sun, on a small damp island in the middle of the river, trying to get definitive wide-angle shots of a Balkan grass snake (Natrix natrix persa) and a Dice snake (Natrix tessellata tessellata) in natural settings. The snakes were misbehaving, refusing to pose, trying to escape, flash guns were malfunctioning, enthusiasm was waning and tempers were rising, occasional swear-words filtered across to us on the breeze, when suddenly it all started to go right, the snakes settled in natural positions, the flash guns stopped acting-up, and it looked like Wolfgang and Dave would get the shots they were after, until.......

the local goat herder decided to drive his flock directly across their carefully prepared photographic set.


Balkan terrapin, Mauremys rivulata
(photo: Dave Nixon)
Greek pond terrapin, Emys orbiculata hellenica
(photo: Dave Nixon)
Balkan grass snake, Natrix natrix persa
(photo: Dave Nixon)
Dice snake, Narix tessellata tessellata
(photo: Dave Nixon)
European catsnake, Telescopus fallax fallax
(photo: Axel Barlow)
Ottoman viper, Montivipera xanthina
(photo: Mark O'Shea)