Greek Photo-Herp Trip


Having met Øyvind Syrrist at Norrkøping 2011 and discussed the possibilities of working on films together I had invited him to join us on this herp photo-trip in order that we would do a few PTCs (pieces to camera) and he could document what we found and how the short expedition panned out.

We had already filmed a few short PTCs and Øyvind was with me when I pursued the Northeastern green lizard (Lacerta viridis meridionalis) up a tree and captured it in the Dadia Forest, but the when we had a nice large adult Ottoman viper (Montivipera xanthina) to 'play with' the opportunities for a spontaneous PTC were too much to resist.

We asks Dave Richards to take my camera and just keep shooting still during the filming.
We think he got some good shots.


Øyvind Syrrist, Norwegian cameraman
Mark presenting a PTC with an Ottoman viper, Montivipera xanthina
No, that is no supposed to happen!
Got it under control Cameraman and snakeman!