Greek Photo-Herp Trip


April 27th to May 2nd 2012


Herp Life List


Bufonidae Toads  
Bufo bufo spinosus Mediterranean toad  
Pseudepidalea viridis Green toad  
Bombinatoridae Fire-bellied toads  
Bombina variegata scabra Balkan yellow-bellied toad  
Hylidae Treefrogs  
Hyla arborea European treefrog  
Ranidae True frogs  
Pelophylax ridibundus Marsh frog  
Salamandridae Newts & salamanders  
Lissotriton vulgaris vulgaris Common smooth newt  
Salamandra salamandra salamandra Fire salamander  
Emydidae Euro-American turtles  
Emys orbicularis hellenica Greek pond terrapin  
Geoemydidae Eurasian turtles  
Mauremys rivulata Balkan terrapin  
Testudinidae Tortoises  
Eurotestudo hermanni boettgeri Eastern Hermann's tortoise  
Testudo graeca ibera Eastern spur-thighed tortoise  
Anguidae Legless lizards  
Pseudopus apodus thracius Thracian scheltopusik 20+ (6 dor)
Lacertidae Old World lizards  
Lacerta trilineata trilineata Balkan green lizard  
Lacerta viridis meridionalis North-eastern green lizard  
Typhlopidae Blindsnakes  
Typhlops vermicularis European blindsnake 1/1
Colubridae Typical snakes  
Dolichophis caspius Caspian whipsnake 3/13
Telescopus fallax fallax European cat-eyed snake 1/1
Zamensis longissimus longissimus Aesculapian snake 1/1
Zamensis situlus Leopard snake 0/1
Lamprophiidae Afro-European snakes  
Malpolon insignitus fuscus Eastern Montpellier snake 0/1
Natricidae Watersnakes  
Natrix natrix persa Balkan grass snake 4/4
Natrix tessellata tessellata Dice snake 1/3
Viperidae Vipers  
Montivipera xanthina Ottoman viper 7/28 (1 dor)
Vipera ammodytes meridionalis Southern nose-horn viper 0/1
Total = Frogs = 5 spp.; Newts & salamanders = 2 spp.; Turtles & tortoises = 4 spp.;
Lizards = 3 spp.; Snakes = 10 spp.; Total = 24 species

Third column for snakes: 1/2 = two specimens seen but only one captured; figure in brackets indicates number of road-killed (dead on road) specimens recorded.

First records:
27 April - Testudo graeca ibera; Pseudopus apodus thracius; Lacerta trilineata trilineata
28 April - Pseudepidalea viridis viridis; Hyla arborea; Pelophylax ridibundus; Lissotriton vulgaris vulgaris; Eurotestudo hermanni boettgeri; Typhlops vermicularis; Dolichophis caspius; Telescopus fallax fallax; Montivipera xanthina
29 April - Mauremys rivulata; Natrix natrix persa
30 April - Bufo bufo spinosus; Bombina variegata scabra; Salamandra salamandra salamandra; Emys orbicularis hellenica; Lacerta viridis meridionalis; Zamensis longissimus longissimus; Zamensis situlus; Malpolon insignitus fuscus; Natrix natrix persa; Vipera ammodytes meridionalis
1 May - Natrix tessellata tessellata

In addition at least eight unidentified snakes were sighted but they evaded capture before they could be positively identified to species.