9-10 November 2006

Exotic Venomous Snake Forum

Dave, Bina and I flew to Cairns and then on down to Melbourne, arriving halfway through the first day of AVRU’s 2-day Exotic Venomous Snake Forum at Melbourne Zoo.

Delegates as the AVRU
Exotic Venomous Snake Forum,
at Melbourne Zoo

That evening I had been asked to present a quiz on venomous snakes for the herpetologists present.
The quiz was won by “Venom Doc” Bryan Grieg Fry.

The following day I presented a one-hour lecture entitled
Exotic Reptiles in the UK and the “Dangerous Wild Animals Act (1976): A personal perspective”.
The abstract follows below.

The keeping of exotic reptiles has been popular in the UK for many years, possibly because the country has a very limited native herpetofauna, most of which does not lend itself to captivity or is protected. Keepers range from casual pet keepers to serious herpetoculturists and breeders, and most concentrate on a few commonly kept N.American or European species or valuable tropical pythons and boas. However there have always been a few keepers who wish to keep dangerous species (venomous squamates or crocodilians) and in 1976 the DWAA was introduced to control the keeping of dangerous animals. The success or failure of this Act and the attendant problems of escaped exotics, exotic snakebites etc. are discussed from a personal perspective.

The following day, 11 November, Bina and I flew back to the United Kingdom.