Oro Province
Moale & Kasi


The road to Sangara and Moale villages

My driver Hayward, and all the plantation workers who were working for me, and their families live in the villages of Moale and Sangara located behind The Ridge. We made several visits to these villages and soon my interest in snakes became well known.

At Moale a man had caught an adult Southern green tree python (Morelia viridis) in the crown of an oil palm. We often hear about pythons in the palm crowns but since our quest is for terrestrial elapids we find ourselves looking at the ground more than up in the palms. On another occasion we were presented with two juveniles found under some palm fronds.

Southern green tree python,
Morelia viridis
Southern green tree python,
Morelia viridis


Kasi is a small plantation behind the Higatura estate offices where we caught a 1.5 m Southern white-lipped python (Leiopython hoserae) but no venomous snakes.

Southern white-lipped python,
Leiopython hoserae

Shortly after visiting Moale we set off again for the Mamba Estates.