National Capital District
National Museum of Papua New Guinea

I returned the Toxicocalamus specimens to Paulus Keip at UPNG, then dropped by the Museum to see Bulisa and my old friend Ilaiah Bigilale who had worked there when I first started to visit the Museum in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Ilaiah was also the fixer on the three OBA films we made in PNG: Green Blood, Magic Man and Tree Crocodile.

I also took the time to reshoot the NMPNG Toxicocalamus specimen heads (only around a dozen) with a measurement scale as the fifth image in keeping with the way I had photographed the UPNG specimens the day before.

(l-r) Ilaiah, mark, Bulisa and Jim in the
Natural `History section of the National Museum
Reshooting the macro head shots of the museum Toxicocalamus


On my final day in PNG I had a dinner appointment with Ilaiah and Bulisa so I went to the Museum, dropped off all my specimens for Bulisa to sort the export permits and then we went to the new Hog's Breath Cafe in the rather swish Vision City complex up the road. None of this was here back in 2010 when I was last in PNG.

Hog's Breath Cafe, PNG
Ilaiah, Bulisa and Mark relax after some excellent burgers and beer

I then dropped Bulisa back at the Museum, Ilaiah home and then I went back to see Dave and visit the Snek Haus to view two new taipans which Dave had brought back from Exxon-Mobil that morning.

All that remained for me to do was finish packing my gear into a) shipping back as check-in; b) carry-on baggage; c) shipping via DHL, and d) leaving here for next time.

My two months in Papua New Guinea, my tenth visit to the country since 1986, were complete.